Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Omaha's September 15th Rally for Palestine Details!

Omaha’s September 15th Rally for Palestine 
at Memorial Park at 5pm
Palestinians and their supporters everywhere are mobilizing to remind the world of their right to self-determination. On September 15th- the International Day of Democracy- Omaha, NE will RALLY to demand:
Soverignty, Equality, and the Right of Return for Palestinians NOW!
  • End All US Aid to Israel! End the Occupation!
  • Support Palestine’s right to self-determination!
  • Demand US recognition of Palestinian human and civil rights!

5pm: Assemble at Memorial Park to take a public stand for human rights and hold signs along Dodge Street
6pm: Speeches will be given by the following:
Dr. Naser Alsharif, Elaine Wells, Cary Vigneri,Dana El-Hajjar, Katie Huerter, Husein Elmasri & Dr. Lewis Pinch
On September 15th- Omaha will rally in solidarity with cities including New York, Washington D.C., London, and Tel Aviv

Omaha's  September 15th Rally for Palestine and


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