Saturday, August 13, 2011

Here is a Sample of the Courageous Wisdom and Insight of the Palestinian People

10-year old boy in Bil'in, Palestine 

I dare you to look into the eyes of a mother I met in Bil’in and not feel something shift deep inside your core.  Her name is Suhaer Khateib, a Palestinian woman whose indescribable raw wisdom, honesty, and intensity were beyond all languages, beyond all words.   Although we did not speak the same language, it was the pain and courage in her eyes that rocked every moral fiber in my being as she told me her story. 

Suhaer grew up in the village of Bil’in, a Palestinian farming village that is on the front lines of resisting the occupation through non-violent resistance.  Bil’in sits amongst the mountains and the olive trees that have supported the families there for hundreds of years.  The occupation is visible in every corner of the village.  The remains of burnt olive trees cover the surrounding hills while the wall, the same wall that snakes through Israel and Palestine, separating farmers from their land, children from their schools, Palestinians from their roads…and Muslims from Jews, slices through the village’s land. 

News and Reflections of My Delegation to Israel and Palestine

Katie Huerter in Bethlehem, Palestine 
Thank you to all of my readers for your patience while I update my blog.  My experience in Israel and Palestine was extremely intense and thought-provoking... which is causing me to take my time explaining the reality I witnessed.

I will soon be posting day-by-day summaries and reflections of my 10 day delegation, in addition to current statistics, facts, and news relevant to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. 

Thank you again for all of your support as you follow me on my journey towards justice and peace!
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