Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amnesty International Calls Israel's Deal "Insufficient"

Hats off to Amnesty International today for calling Israel's deal with Khader Adnan "insufficient."

Khader has shown the world what it truly looks like to be apart of something much bigger than ourselves.    

Khader's 66 day hunger strike inspired people all over the world to come together in true solidarity and believe that without money and influence, everyday people can mobilize our numbers and media tools to create the necessary pressure on Israel, especially when the world community is simultaneously aware of the magnitude of our unified power! 

But, today also made clear that only tremendous political pressure will bring Israeli policy into conformity with the law.  The world must continue to call on Israel to end the use of administrative detention, which violates the right to a fair trial.  Israel must ensure that that detainees are treated humanely at all times, and that no detainees are punished for their decision to go on hunger strike. 

Thus, we all must take advantage of the current global awakening and continue to awaken others!! 

In Solidarity, Onward to a Free Palestine!

21 February 2012

Israeli decision to release Palestinian detainee in April ‘insufficient’

Demonstriations calling for Khader Adnan's release have been held in the West Bank on Tuesday