Monday, February 25, 2013

Palestine, You Are So Beautiful On The Red Carpet!

Times are a changing.... 

Tonight at the 85th Annual Academy Awards, Oscar nominated Palestinian filmmaker, Emad Burnat and his beautiful family, graced Hollywood's red carpet on their way into the award ceremony. 

Soraya Burnat, wife of the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Emad Burnat, wore a beautiful traditional Palestinain dress ("thoab") to the Academy Awards this evening. 

 Emad Burnat's Oscar nominated documentary.
 "5 Broken Cameras" (co-directed by Guy Davidi), follows the struggle of the people of Bil'in, a Palestinian village in the West Bank, as the people of the village use the power of non-violent resistance to demonstrate against the Israeli separation wall the cuts through the village's land. 

Tonight,  with Palestine on my heart and mind, I think back to my own cherished memories of the time I spent in Emad's village of Bil'in, almost two years ago.  While visiting Bil'in, I had the honor of meeting and listening to the moving stories and calls for freedom from Emad Burnat and his brother, Iyad Burnat.  

Emad and his brother Iyad Burnat are genuine heroes of freedom and justice fighting every day against the brutal Israeli occupation through the power of nonviolent resistance.  

Although the nominated documentary "5 Broken Cameras" did not ultimately end up winning the Oscar this evening, the Palestinian film has been and continues to be a "winner" in the hearts and minds of people of conscience around the globe advocating for peace, justice and freedom from the Israeli Occupation for the Palestinian people. 

For more on the documentary, "5 Broken Cameras," please read Asa Winstanley's article in The Electronic Intifada: Israel's viciousness against Bilin captured in "Five Broken Cameras"