Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"A Direct Message to My White Family & Friends - Your Silence IS Your Racism"

"A Direct Message to My White Family & Friends - Your Silence IS Your Racism"
 By: Katie Huerter   07/15/16

I realize this may offend many of my own personal friends and family members (I may even lose a number of you soon), but I, along with every single one of us, have an absolute responsibility to call one another and ourselves out when necessary.  This is one of those moments.

I'm honestly mortified, ashamed, angry and fucking heartbroken about the overwhelming, almost complete, absolute SILENCE coming from the large majority of all my white friends and family members regarding anything that even slightly acknowledges the horrific racism, oppression and white privilege of our world...

...Especially now, when more and more people of conscience around the country are adhering to a universal moral call and finally choosing to stand, march and loudly speak their truth to power on the right side of history! 

To all my beloved white friends and family members, this MUST STOP NOW! 

Your silence IS your racism... 
Your silence IS the unjust violence killing those who cannot hide behind your safe, white privilege.... 
YOU are choosing the side of the oppressor, and your degrees, careers, kindness, life choices, religions, values, intellect, money or selfish, false excuses cannot hide you from your own, shameful truth that you are actively choosing to be a racist.

If you may be wondering if my post is referring to you directly and personally, ask yourself if you have in any way spoken out loud, online, taken any sort action, even felt an internal awakening of any kind spurred by the world around you screaming for justice, screaming so loud you can no longer shut your window and pretend it isn't happening? 

If your answer is no, then yes, yes my loved ones, I am talking directly, with a heavy heart, but a heart filled with love... to you. 

But please know... I promise I will walk this road alongside you in our journey together through truth, courage, fear, pain and compassion while you, me and all those we love one by one finally begin living what we claim to believe and face our truth, our privilege, our white fragility and the racist truth of our world and begin our work in changing this world, dismantling injustice and truly honoring the inherent sacred dignity and worth of every human being for generations to come. 

We can do this, we must do this.
Together, let's choose the right side of history. 

#EndWhiteSilence #FreedomNow #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLiberationMatters

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