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Katie Huerter a.k.a. (Kathleen Huerter)

Freelance Writer, Philosopher, Human Rights Activist, Community Organizer, Founder

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Katie Huerter is the Middle East Peace Building Associate for the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). She currently directs and facilitates AFSC’s Middle East Peace Education Project, providing information forums and building support for a just foreign policy toward Israel-Palestine throughout the U.S. Midwest Region, as well as, directs several national projects, campaigns, and events as part of AFSC’s Israel-Palestine Joint Program. Katie’s first visit to Israel and Palestine was during the Arab Spring in July 2011 as part of a delegation cosponsored by AFSC and Interfaith Peace Builders (IFPB). She has since both organized and participated in delegations to the Middle East, most recently in May 2014, when she visited AFSC’s offices and programs in Gaza and the West Bank.  

Additionally, following her recent nomination to serve a three-year term on Interfaith Peace Builders' (IFPB) Board of Directors in July 2015, Katie now actively serves on IFPB's Board working to continue to foster AFSC's relationship with IFPB, as well as, actively working to enhance both IFPB and AFSC's collaborative efforts advocating for a just peace in Israel-Palestine.  A poignant example of Katie's direct participation in supporting AFSC's vital collaboration with IFPB, as well with other organizations in the US and throughout the Middle East, is highlighted in her upcoming role of co-leading a two-week delegation to Israel-Palestine in May 2016 that is being cosponsored by AFSC and Interfaith Peace Builders with a special focus on Incarceration, Detention and Political Prisoners.  

As an undergraduate, Katie founded the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Chapter, and currently is a member of SJP’s National Organizing Committee and serves locally on Nebraskans for Peace Palestinian Task Force’s Board. Katie continues to work locally and nationally as a vocal advocate and community organizer for equal rights, justice, and freedom in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

  • ·      Over three years experience in human rights advocacy, community organizing, student and community leadership, and divestment campaign development and implementation
  • ·      Managed all details of founding and organizing my university’s SJP Chapter, including recruiting students, developing and implementing a campus divestment campaign, and organizing multiple campus speaker and film events
  • ·      Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including extensive experience reaching out and collaborating with organizations and individuals locally, nationally and internationally
  • ·      Created and continuously update personal website which educates readers with academic analyses, upcoming events and important news related to Israel and Palestine
  • ·      Knowledgeable in various academic fields, including international relations, Middle East politics and international conflict-resolution

University of Nebraska at Omaha, NE
BA: Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology                                                        Graduated May 2013

www.KatieHuerter.com                                                                                       January 2011- Present
Freelance Writer
  • ·      Created and continuously update website with academic analyses, events and news regarding Israel and Palestine 

Lincoln League for Middle East Peace Speakers’ Bureau                           September 2011- Present
Registered Speaker on Israel, Palestine, BDS and Student Organizing
  • ·      Deliver lectures to a variety of audiences regarding issues pertaining to Israel and Palestine
  • ·      Delivered lecture at Creighton University in Omaha, NE as part of the university’s Palestinian Ethnic Festival (November 2012)
  • ·      Delivered public lecture at the Iowa City Public Library in Iowa City on my personal experience in Israel-Palestine and building the BDS movement (September 2013)

Nebraskans for Peace Palestinian Task Force                                                    August 2011- Present
Community Organizer
  • ·      Coordinate and organize multiple guest speakers to educate public and student audiences about issues relating to Israel and Palestine
  • ·      Organized public film screenings of Budrus and 5 Broken Cameras
  • ·      Duties involve public outreach, campaign development, media and publicity and alliance building efforts 
CNN                                                                                                                             July 2011- Present
Vetted Reporter          
  • ·      Writer of multiple articles that have been used on CNN.com describing my interviews with Palestinians and Israelis throughout the West Bank and Israel
  • ·        Article: “Wisdom from a Palestinian Woman Living Inside the Israeli Occupation”  http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-651545
  • ·      Article: “IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) in Hebron, Palestine”           http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-651497

We Divest National Student Leadership Team                                          October 2011  Chicago, IL
Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace and American Friends Service Committee
  • ·      Student participant in the We Divest Student Training in Chicago
  • ·      Developed and implemented a divestment campaign at my university 

Omaha Magazine: “Omaha Faces: Katie Huerter- Mother, Student, Activist”       November 2011
Activist Efforts Featured in Omaha Magazine
  • ·      Omaha Magazine, whose readership includes over 180,000 people, featured a two-page print article titled, "Omaha Faces: Katie Huerter- Mother, Student, Activist," covering my local and international peace-building efforts in the November 2011 issue
  • ·      The Omaha Magazine article is available in print and can also be viewed online at the following link:  

September15.org                                                                                         August 2011- October 2011
International Organizing Board Member
  • ·      Organized and coordinated over one-hundred Palestinian Advocacy Rallies around the world
  • ·      Aimed at mobilizing and educating communities about the United Nations vote on the Palestinian bid for statehood
  • ·      Organized Omaha’s citywide September 15th Rally 
  • ·      Responsibilities included outreach, publicity, logistics, and securing six different community speakers at the event 

Interfaith Peace Builders                                                                                  July 2011- August 2011
Delegate to Israel and Palestine
  • ·      Served as a delegate to Israel and Palestine in July 2011
  • ·      Met with approximately 30 Israeli and Palestinian groups representing a wide swath of both societies in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem
  • ·      Focused in depth on the work of youth, nonviolent activists and other peace-builders working to create a better future for Israelis and Palestinians

Founder- Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Chapter at UNO, UNO

College Democrats, UNO Nebraskans for Peace, Muslim Student Association, Student Leadership
Team for the We Divest Campaign, Member of Jewish Voice for Peace